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Are you facing these issues ?

Tailor Made Services & Programs

I craft personalized coaching programs featuring individual roadmaps and goals, aimed at guiding you toward both personal and professional success after an assessment to analyze your personality including in-depth understanding of your past and present life. Whether your focus is on enhancing relationships, advancing in your career, or seeking greater life fulfillment, I create tailored programs to unlock your true potential for self-development and success.

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Personal Development

It is a fluid and personalized journey where individuals may emphasize distinct aspects according to their goals, values, and present life circumstances. This ongoing process entails continuous self-reflection, goal setting, and deliberate actions aimed at personal growth and evolution over time.

  • Minimum 08 sessions a month

  • Monthly fees start from Rs. 15,000/-

Image by Kseniya Lapteva

Inner Harmony

This holistic approach strives for inner balance, emotional mastery, and the integration of the unconscious mind in both personal and professional development. By blending emotional understanding, navigation, and shadow work techniques, the program enhances self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and behavioral transformation. Participants explore often overlooked facets of the psyche through psychological exploration and practical tools, fostering comprehensive growth in emotions and behaviors for personal and holistic development.

  • Minimum 08 sessions a month

  • Monthly fees start from Rs. 15,000/-

Image by Kseniya Lapteva

Holistic Health Development

A comprehensive approach to fostering overall well-being that encompasses various aspects of an individual's life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. This approach recognizes the interconnectedness of these elements and seeks to promote balance and harmony for a person's holistic health and development. It involves intentional efforts and practices that contribute to the enhancement of one's physical health, mental clarity, emotional resilience, and spiritual awareness.

  • Minimum 08 sessions a month

  • Monthly fees start from Rs. 15,000/-

Image by Kseniya Lapteva

Heart Speak Hub

A sanctuary for open communication, where you can freely share your thoughts and vent, all infused with a passionate focus on heartfelt expression and a purpose-driven journey towards mental well-being and self-discovery, encompassing the resolution of challenges such as confusion, anxiety, stress, and fear.

  • Single session of 45 mins

  • Session fees start from Rs. 1500/-

Image by Kseniya Lapteva

Integral Development

To instigate significant and positive transformations across different facets of their lives, individuals often undergo shifts in mindset, alterations in habits, set goals and make sustainable lifestyle changes and a more profound exploration of their life's purpose.

  • Minimum 08 sessions a month

  • Monthly fees start from Rs. 15,000/-

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Interpersonal Communication

A specialized form of coaching that focuses on improving an individual's communication skills within various interpersonal relationships. The goal is to enhance the effectiveness of communication and foster positive connections with others. It can cover a range of skills and aspects, including verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, empathy, conflict resolution, assertiveness, and overall relationship building. 

  • Minimum 08 sessions a month

  • Monthly fees start from Rs. 15,000/-

Initial consulting charges apply - Rs. 1500/-


Preliminary assessment charges - Rs. 5500/-

How I do it?

My coaching services are aimed at individuals who want to improve their personal and professional lives. I work with people from all backgrounds and industries, including students, entrepreneurs, executives, and anyone who wants to unlock their full potential by discovering and accepting themselves in a wholesome manner.

Tools & Techniques I Use!

Inner Child Healing

Inner Teen Healing

Adult Trauma Healing

Shadow Work Therapy

Stress & Anxiety Management 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Narcissistic Behaviour & Relationships

SWOT Analysis & Personality Traits

and many more.....

What's in it for You?

By working with me, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your goals. You will learn how to leverage your strengths and overcome your weaknesses to achieve overall success. The coaching services will help you to manage emotions effectively, recover and heal from unhealed parts and suppressed versions of yourselves, improve your confidence, interpersonal communication skills, leadership abilities, improve physical health and much more. 

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