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About Me

With over two decades of experience in the corporate realm, my professional journey has woven a tapestry of expertise across diverse domains such as Human Resources, Training & Development, Coaching, and Digital Brand Management. My journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for personal and professional development.

Professional Expertise:

People-Centric Roles: My career spans various industries, including IT, ITes, Education, Hospitality, Banking, Constructions, and Manufacturing. I excel in roles that prioritize human interactions, showcasing adaptability and excellence across different client bases.

Training and Leadership Development: Beyond coaching, I've conducted numerous training programs focused on enhancing interpersonal and leadership skills. My ability to strategize events for HR departments, design organizational structures, and establish departments with clearly defined roles reflects a deep understanding of human dynamics within organizations.

Professional Qualities & Development: My journey is characterized by self-awareness, emotional intelligence, mutual respect, quick learning, and an unwavering commitment to the success of others. Proficient in communication, interpersonal relations, problem-solving, and leadership, I bring a well-rounded skill set to any people-centric role.

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Coaching Expertise:

Innovative Approaches: My coaching proficiency extends beyond conventional methodologies, incorporating innovative approaches such as Shadow Work & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This unique skill equips me to guide individuals through challenges, emphasizing emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and self-engagement.

Emotions & Behaviour Management: My coaching services focus on cultivating effective communication skills with a specific emphasis on emotions and behaviour management. Through tailored programs, I empower individuals and groups to navigate challenges with emotional intelligence.

Educational Background:

I possess a robust educational foundation, including a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Psychology & Communications. Additionally, I hold specialized Diplomas in Modern Applied Psychology and Human Resources Management, enhancing my comprehensive understanding of the psychological and organizational facets of the professional landscape.

Certifications and Licenses:

  • Licensed Artology Practitioner: Accredited by AIMS Media, this certification reflects my proficiency in utilizing art as a therapeutic medium for personal and professional growth.

  • Certified Transformation Life Coach: A certification from Transformation Academy, Florida, USA, underscores my expertise in guiding individuals through transformative life journeys.

  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Awarded by Holbeck College, United Kingdom, this certification showcases my proficiency in applying cognitive-behavioral techniques for therapeutic interventions.

  • Certificate in Psychological Stress & Anxiety Management: Endorsed by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH), this certification recognizes my specialized knowledge in addressing stress and anxiety-related challenges.

  • Certificate in Narcissistic Behavior & Relationships: Also accredited by IAOTH, this certificate signifies my expertise in navigating issues related to narcissistic behavior and interpersonal relationships.

These credentials not only validate my theoretical knowledge but also demonstrate my practical application of therapeutic approaches across various contexts. As a professional dedicated to holistic well-being, my educational background and certifications uniquely position me to address a spectrum of individual and organizational needs.

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