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  • What are the Proven Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring?

  • Should a person choose a coach or a mentor?

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The answer depends on one’s goals.

A coach can help a person to identify strengths, develop them, and identify personal and professional goals. Their role is to assist the coachee throughout the change process. As you will discover, this happens in several ways.

A mentor’s focus is partly on compatibility with the mentee. The mentor and mentee might engage with each other through social or professional events to determine ‘fit.’

This is the initiation stage where the mentee must “prove him- or herself worthy of a mentor’s attention.” There may or may not be money exchanged in a mentor/mentee relationship.

The three other stages of a mentoring relationship are:

  • Cultivation – The mentee learns from the experiences of the mentor. The mentor gains insights from the mentee about new areas or emerging issues within the shared field.

  • Separation – This is the end of the relationship. Challenges arise if one of the parties is not ready to end the relationship.

  • Redefinition – The relationship reaches this level after successfully completing the separation stage. During this phase, the relationship evolves into a “collegial relationship or social friendship”.

If a person chooses coaching, there are many benefits. Coaching conversations help a person focus attention on their desired goals.

Most of the session involves the coach listening, and then asking powerfully focused questions.

Among them are:

  • What was your best experience with your goals in the past week?

  • What percentage of achievement did you reach for this goal?

  • What contributed to this level of success?

  • What did you learn from the experience?

  • When you think about this goal, what feelings does it stimulate, and what needs does it meet?

The foundation of a good coaching relationship is trust and authenticity. This allows for vulnerability. Coachees who open themselves to being vulnerable also can experience growth in self-compassion. A combination of self-kindness, mindfulness, and a sense of common humanity.

Positive psychology coaches pay particular attention to assisting clients to identify their strengths. Coachees learn to explore and develop them as a means to achieve their goals, and also to cultivate positive emotions. Generating positive emotions leads to “an upward spiral.”

  • Ten positive emotions:

Joy Love Pride Gratitude Inspiration

Awe Hope Interest Serenity Amusement

  • Coaching creates the space for clients to build on these emotions and flourish.

Most people do not like being told what to do or when to do it. Coaches who understand this will build coaching relationships that allow the client to act autonomously.

Autonomous motivation means the person controls the decision-making process. The coach provides resources and support and nudges as needed, but the coachee is in charge.

People who are autonomously motivated pursue actions that are of interest to them. They view the actions as important. Behavior change happens when the client experiences greater autonomous motivation.


“How do we support autonomy and build accountability?”


They are:

  1. Positive behavior changes last longer

  2. Increased creativity and flexibility

  3. Improved performance

  4. Making changes is enjoyable

  5. Health and personal relationships improve

If coaching does not fit a person’s needs, then establishing a mentor relationship can also be beneficial. Mentoring is defined as a “professional development relationship” having two functions.

The first is career-related placing the mentor as a coach dispensing advice. The second is prosocial and puts the mentor in a role model and support system position.

Mentored individuals are more satisfied and committed to their work and have better performance evaluations. Mentees are not alone in reaping the benefits of this type of arrangement. Mentors often feel reenergized and satisfied because they are helping someone become a leader.

  • Both coaching and mentoring involve a willingness to learn, grow, and adapt.


My journey to become a Transformation Life Coach has been a journey of self actualization. I strongly believe that every individual can reach their goals successfully, through the drive and talents hidden within them. I believe every individual can live up to their maximum potential, and live a holistic life. ​With proper guidance, discipline, and strategies, acquired through years of hard-earned experiences, I am here to help individuals recognize their true potential, and to find their true calling.


Behavioral and Communication Coach | Executive Coach | Transformation Life Coach | Shadow Work Therapist 

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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything." - Lao Tzu


Over the last 15 years, I have handled projects for some marque brands in sectors ranging from IT Enabled Services, Education, Talent management, Hospitality, and Construction.

Furthermore, I have been mentoring professionals, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and students for close to a decade, and have designed bespoke training models for each of them. My tenacity and perseverance have helped me to get the best out of my clients, and my own life. Armed with self-assurance and zeal, I have been the quintessential motivator and guide, and brought success to all of my clients.

I have been a keynote speaker, covering a variety of subjects, ranging from Managing Success & Failure, Education, to Parenting, and Handling a child on the Autism Spectrum. While my primary focus has been in areas such as Training and Development, and Human Resource Management, I have also written for various newspapers and magazines, created content for websites, and conducted hundreds of seminars and workshops.

Among my most popular workshops, “Behavioral Change” has helped scores of businesses to develop their corporate culture and lay a foundation for the future.

Similarly, “Life Skills” has helped hundreds of young professionals from rural backgrounds to develop and sharpen themselves and advance their careers.

"Campus to Corporate" ,"Soft Skills" & "Effective Communication" remains one of the most popular workshops with students even today. It prepares them as they embark on their professional journeys by arming them with essential corporate etiquette and the soft skills required for success.

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One on One Sessions
  • Custom Designed Program. 

  • Focused in all Spheres of Life.

  • Completely Anonymous.

  • In Depth Insight into Emotional Transition.

  • Highly Impactful Sessions through Deeper Level of Learning.

Group Sessions
  • Designed to Manage & Tackle Everyday Issues.

  • Short Programs keeping "Time is a Luxury" in mind.

  • Active Group Communication.

  • Problem Solving Discussions.

Student Sessions 
  • Targeted at Improving Self Discipline & Building Personal Awareness.

  • Helps in Analyzing & Achieving Goals.

  • Leads to Analysis of Career Goals & Options. 

  • Designed to Increase Level of Social Engagement.

  • Helps in Building Individual Perspective.

  • Targeted at Enhancing Specific Skills.

  • Feedback & Assessment given Post Session.

Executive Sessions
  • Heightens Self Awareness.

  • Improves Self Discipline.

  • Increases Levels of Empathy.

  • Boost Cognition at Work.

  • Increased Levels of Motivation.

  • Improves Social Skills.

  • Improves Leadership Qualities.



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Director, Publishing House

I've known Devika for a while now and our frequent interactions take us on journeys across disciplines. Devika is very intuitive, patient, has a calm and composed demeanor, listens intently before processing the information, guides you & motivates you in whatever may be holding you back with great tenacity. There is much you can learn from her and as you get to know her, she'll become a wonderful friend. 

Does a Transformation Life Coach Make a Difference   ?

  • Transformation is what makes all the difference and a Transformation Life Coach  will ensure that you focus on your positive talents and abilities. 

  • A Transformation Life Coach will bring out your inner power that will help you to nurture your overall confidence to help set goals for more fulfilling and purposeful life. 

  • You will learn how to believe in yourself strongly and you will be able to remove bad habits, negative attitude towards yourself and your life.

  • A Transformation Life Coach would help you to look beyond any limitations and validations that hold you back in any / every situation in Life.

  • Why do we need to change ourselves within ?

  • What holds us back ?

  • What are our basic human needs ?

  • Why is it difficult to break through the cycle of change ?

  • Why is it a challenge to overcome the fear of change ?

  • Change is Addictive. You just need a leap of faith in the process & believe in yourself.

  • Give your Pain a Purpose.

  • Develop a Mindset of Growth & Success.

  • Transform Yourself Within.

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