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'Connect with Self ' is a workshop designed for individuals focused on self-reflective practice for personal growth, workplace wellness and health promotion. It’s effective as a stand-alone program or as a primer/follow-up to the 12 week Transformation Life Coaching Program.

Do you feel that there is more to you and what you can offer?

The journey of self-discovery requires a lot of groundwork and can be daunting at times, as it involves revisiting a lot of your past experiences, choices and emotions.

This includes identifying your personality, awakening your spiritual dimension,
learning to love yourself as well as embracing the change that comes.

You will discover the most important element of all: YOURSELF.

Workshop Details :

Week 1 :

  • Breaking Unhealthy Patterns.

  • Developing Self - Trust.

Week 2 :

  • Getting Comfortable In Your Own Skin.

  • Understanding Positive & Negative Mentality.


Week 3 :

  • Eliminating Things That Do Not Compliment/Help Your Life.

  • Stop Self-Sabotage with Comparisons.


Week 4 :

  • How To Move On After A Break-Up/Screw-Up.

  • Practicing Thanksgiving More Often.

Image by Caroline Veronez
Image by Mitchell Hartley

Focus & Benefits :

  • Focus on Personal Growth.

  • Build a strong connection with Yourself.

  • Build fruitful relationships.

  • Understand the power of self - reflection.

  • Examine your actions. preferences, feelings, values, beliefs, emotions and tendencies.

  • Improve your mental well-being.

  • Gain deeper understanding of yourself.

  • Increase your confidence level.

  • Reduce & manage stress more effectively.

  • Organize your thoughts.

  • Create a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • Contemplate different aspects of your life

Image by Sage Friedman

Fee Structure : 

Rs. 15,000 

  • One on One & Group Sessions Available.

  • Fees Negotiable depending on Analysis.

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